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Cr. Youhorn Chea -- President's Message

During the year of Tiger in 2010, the Cambodian Association of Victoria (CAV) reaches a milestone: it marks that the Association has continuously provided settlement and welfare services to the Cambodian community in Victoria.

We have been able to effectively operate and increase our services due to the ongoing support from the Governments and from the community. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Federal Government for supporting the settlement program by continuing to provide financial support through grants during the 2009-10 financial year. Thank you also to the Brumby Government for the ongoing support for the Cambodian Elderly through the Home and Community Care Program and thank you to the City of Greater Dandenong for supporting the Youth Development Program.

On our 25th year anniversary, I would like to dedicate this edition to our strongest supporter, Mr. Richard Sour Lim. As a refugee to Australia, Mr. Lim understands the struggles of settling in a new country. He has been a leading sponsor for the CAV since its inception. Currently, as a qualified pharmacist, he dedicates his time and expertise by educating Cambodians about various issues including:
- How to effectively use medicines,
- Good food,
- High blood pressure,
- Heart disease,
- Diabetes, High cholesterol etc.

Not only does Mr. Lim present these information sessions, he also supplies the food and drinks after the information sessions.
Mr. Lim has also provided significant financial contributions to the CAV for its new building as well as other projects that the CAV runs. It is not only the CAV which Mr. Lim supports, he has also contributed to bush fire victims and Cambodian flood victims, just to name a few. The CAV and the Cambodian community have been very fortunate to have gained the friendship and support of Mr. Lim and I would encourage everyone to also support him and endeavors. On behalf of the CAV, I would like to say a huge thank you Mr. Lim!

The CAV has also run information sessions on other topics such on Immigration, Centrelink, Police (Safety), Law regulations (Inviting Solicitors) and Health. During summer we organized a number of outing activities with CAV’s Youth Group, Cambodian Women’s Group of Victoria and the Elderly Citizens’ Association of Victoria. In each outing we provided information sessions during the trip.

To maintain and promote Cambodia’s cultural heritage, the CAV organized a Singing Contest at Springvale Town Hall on the 12 June 2010. We invited a famous Cambodian DJ Mr. POU, Khlaing from Cambodia to perform during the concert. Fourteen people entered the contest, and of these we choose five winners:
Mr. YIM Viseth Sokonthea,
Mrs. SIM Chandara,
Mr. TUON Borey
Mr. PHAN Huor and
Mr. CHHORN Sarik.
These five people won the opportunity to represent Australia and compete in Cambodia, in a singing contest with return airfares to Cambodia, fully paid for. I must also thank our four sponsors who provided the air tickets:
- Retravision in Springvale (Mr. George FANG)
- LIM’s Pharmacy (Mr. Richard Sour LIM) and
- The Cambodian Chinese Friendship Association of Victoria (Mr. Kouy-Taing).

Every year CAV organizes a Cambodian New Year and ancestor ceremony celebrations. During our celebration we invited a famous Buddhist monk from Cambodia to participate in our ceremony.

CAV and the Springvale Rotary Club ran a program to support poor families living in remote areas in Siem Reap Province and to fight against malaria. We distributed nets, dug ponds to get clean water, planted vegetables, provided student books and assisted to repair the school. During my trip to Cambodia I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Tim Ricketts the First Secretary of the Australian Embassy in Phnom Penh. We had great discussions about the difficulties that our community has faced in the past. We had a good understanding from both sides.

We expect the CAV building will be finished at the end of this year.
Thank you for all those who have provided donations, however, to reach the CAV’s objectives the CAV needs
more donations and support from our members, businesses and Governments.

Many thanks to our Board of Management, volunteers and staffs, who have worked tirelessly throughout the year.

Finally, I would like to wish everyone good health, long life, prosperity and happiness in the year of Tiger.


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Prohm is the name well known in Buddhist mythology, Cambodian history and Cambodian literature.

In Buddhist mythology and the trinity of Prohm is the name well known in Buddhist mythology, Cambodian history and Cambodian literature.

In Buddhist mythology and the trinity of Hinduism, the God Brakma (Preah Prum) is the creator of land, water, wind, fire and all living beings. When living beings die, their souls return to Prohom for purification . In a sense, Prohm is thought of as parents whose wisdom used moral values are beyond reproaches.



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